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Siluete prolaze kraj mene
Kad bih naišla ja
Da se sretnem i upoznam
Tad bih lako vidjela lica i znala
Kojim putem do tebe, do kraja
Do beskraja

I nije važno jer te nosim u sebi

Nijemo čekamo da budemo spašeni
Postajem umorna od nesvijesti
I kao da se plašimo da se ne izbriše naše ime
Grčevito se povačimo u svoje kože

Dok svemir zove
Da se razlijemo i vratimo

Linije blijede
Slika postaje konačno cjelovita
I svjetlo iznad nas
Tiho i trajno, mirisno i teško
Na ramenima


Silhouettes pass me by
I look for one that is mine
if I could only greet her with a smile
Then I would clearly see the faces I once knew
Then I would know which way to choose
the way that leads me back to you

banal things concern me no more
I carry you within, we'll take this fall

without a word we wait to be saved
I've been feeling tiered and senseless
as though we're afraid no rock will bear our names
we recede from this world
into ourselves

while the universe is calling
our souls once contained are now overflowing

lines fade
the image they once made
can finally be discerned
the light was laid above us
silent and perpetual, restless but subtle
(rests) Upon our shoulders


from EP, released April 15, 2013



all rights reserved


Moontrip Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Moontrip is a progressive, psychedelic rock band from Sarajevo, BiH.

Berina Delalić - Vocals, Guitar

Adnan Salihović - Guitar

Lejla Delalić - Keyboards

Zlatko Karahodžić - Bass

Ilian Nikolov - Drums
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